Camera Interactiva

Advisory Board and Team

 Advisory Board

  • Willemien van Aalst (Director Dutch Film Festival – NFF)
  • Rosi Braidotti (Director of the Centre for the Humanities, Utrecht University)
  • Frank Kessler (Director of the Institute for Cultural Inquiry ICON, Utrecht University)
  • Monique Mourits (Director of the Centrum voor Wetenschap en Cultuur, Utrecht University)
  • Bert Theunissen (Director of the Descartes Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities, Utrecht University)
  • Peter de Vries (Director of the HKU Media school)
  • Tom van de Wetering (Business Developer at SETUP Utrecht)

Selection Committee

  • Wiendelt Hooijer (Teacher at the HKU Media school)
  • Janina Pigaht (project leader and film maker)
  • Marlou Rutten (Head of Programming at the Dutch Film Festival – NFF)
  • Tom van de Wetering (Business Developer at SETUP Utrecht)


  • Frank Kessler (Director of the Institute for Cultural inquiry ICON, Utrecht University)
  • Marlou Rutten (Head of Programming at the Dutch Film Festival – NFF)
  • Hans Goedkoop (Gemeente Utrecht, Department of Culture)
  • Giovanni Campbell (Programme Advisor at the Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie)

Project co-author and leader: Janina Pigaht

Janina PigahtJanina Pigaht was born in Germany (1982) and grew up in England, Egypt and Norway until she settled in the Netherlands in 2001. She has attained two Masters degrees, in film and gender studies, in 2007 and 2010. During this time she also worked in South Africa as a camerawoman and production assistant on a wildlife series for animal planet, and founded her own film production company that she ran for three years before becoming an Independent Documentary Film Director.

In 2010 she directed her first film as a student: “Delfts Blauw meets Hijab”, a documentary on Dutch Women who have converted to Islam. The film went on to screen at SCENECS International Debut Filmfestival and aired on Dutch Television in 2012. In 2011 she developed the script of her second documentary “The Diaries of an Elephant” (about the SS past of her grandfather) during the IDFA-Mediafund Documentary Workshop. Broadcasted by the VPRO, it premiered at the IDFA in 2012 and won the Best Newcomer award at the Dutch Film Festival in 2013. Currently she is an Artist-in-Residence at the Centre for the Humanities.

She is inspired by filmmakers such as Alan Berliner and Kim Longinotto that are an example to her of melting a visual style together with a strong sense of personal and social purpose. She enjoys working in teams and believes that films are most successful when a group of talented individuals bring their know-how into a project and challenge each other. Read more about her here.

Camera Interactiva 2015 reporter: Ruben van der Mark

During theRuben van der Mark Camera Interactiva programme in 2015 Ruben van der Mark has been appointed as a reporter of the programme. Ruben will write a series of blog posts about the proceedings of the programme, main questions that participants are struggling with and inspiring reflections that come out of the creative process. He will also contribute to the development of the toolkit on knowledge-based and socially responsible interactive storytelling at the end of the programme.

Ruben graduated from the University of Warwick with an MA in Romantic Literature in 2014. With his thesis he combined three academic interests: John Keats, history of medicine and posthumanist theory. Prior to this master he was studying History and Literature at Utrecht University, with a focus on feminism and formations of literary canons. In his final year at the UU, he was an intern at the Centre for the Humanities where he co-wrote a children’s novel on peace and identity. He also has been active as a tutor and teacher at different schools, which gave him experience in education, communicating knowledge, and raising public awareness for forgotten narratives. While creative writing has always appealed to him, lately Ruben has developed an interest in digital communication and storytelling. As reporter of Camera Interactiva and contributor to the toolkit he hopes to contribute to an open and accessible platform in which discussions arise, questions can be raised and stories can emerge.