Camera Interactiva

Reality 3.0

by Omar Daou and Anna Ies Willems

Reality 3.0 Reality 3.0 is an interactive web docu-series that aims to understand how technology has been influencing our everyday lives and explores how we can move towards a world where we use it consciously. As responsible citizens, are we aware of the ways in which we are using what technology has to offer? Chronicling the technological advancements from contemporary times through the present day—with many speculations about the future—3.0 is a journey that tries to understand the gradual evolution of technology’s relationship with nature: how did we get here and where are we going next? How can we use technology in ways that are responsible and conscientious towards our bodies, our minds, our social relationships, and the environment?

Zooming in on each particular user though an interactive interface—with personalized questions—and through understanding each user’s particular concerns and habits, Reality 3.0 will outline each customized version of the future for each unique audience member by the end of the documentary. What will your future hold?


About the creators:

I am Anna Ies Willems (23), born and raised in the south of Holland: Den Bosch. Nowadays I live in Amsterdam. I graduated as a journalist and I specialised in documentary making. A while ago I made my first documentary: ‘Modern Nomads’, about a guy who’s living in a campervan since eight years. At the moment I have my own little story and concept company. I make stories and I am always looking for the discipline that suits the story best. I film, write, research, edit, create but I also give training; for example in how to work with Prezi. Next to that I am busy to specialise in future research. It’s my dream to make stories about the future. We live in a fast changing world and that’s something I would like to cover in stories: documentaries, events, articles or debates. I really care about questions like: How is the society and world changing? What are problems and what can be solutions?

Omar Daou is a 24 year old Masters Student at Utrecht University majoring in Gender Studies. He graduated in 2012 from the Lebanese American University with a BA in Communication Arts with an emphasis on Radio, TV, Film, and Theatre, before working for three years as an Art Director at Beirut-based creative startup Bobolink. Omar’s main goal is to bring together his research interests with aesthetics and artworks, creating art that can teach us something.